The Most Common Types of Brake Repairs

When Will You Need to Use a Brake Service?

Properly functioning brakes play a vital role in your car’s operation. Your safe and secure driving depend mostly on how well they are serviced. In this article, you will see more information on the most common brake issues:

  • Master cylinder. Luckily for us, most modern cars’ master cylinders rarely fail. Each brake service technician will tell you that the most typical problems that may occur are are internal leaks. If you want to test this important component of your vehicle, press the brake pedal slowly to the floor, and see if a puddle of brake fluid will appear underneath. If so, your entire cylinder will have to be replaced.

  • Brake fluid. Every car has a certain amount of brake fluid. It stays in a transparent reservoir. The main idea behind it is that you can easily inspect its level. If you notice that its level drops significantly over a short period of time, you’d better contact a professional mechanic.

  • Brake lines. What are they? They contain steel tubes and reinforced rubber hoses. When the fluid is running through them and they are in good condition, there will be no problems. But if any of them get damaged in any way, this will compromise your entire braking system. Which is why they should be inspected occasionally.

  • Brake pads. This is another very typical issue every driver can experience. Every pad has a shoe that acts like support to asbestos material. When it is worn out, that means that the asbestos material is gone, and it starts to rub against the disk, causing massive damage. Keep in mind that replacing a damaged disk is much costlier than replacing the pads.

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